Blood Raining Night The Fanime

  produced by Reicheruketsuekineko

 Breaking News!

 Episode 11

Episode 10 is finally done! Now im working on epsiode 11!

  MM remastered

We're giving Maid Madness a make over! Download the current version here. expect the new version to be uploaded later!

 Chapter 31

I'll be updating chapters very slowly now! i want the fanime to catch ups. Here's chapter 30.

Read the series? Now watch it!

Konnichiwa its me Reicheru! On youtube I have taken my fanfiction to life by creating a fanime or fan anime cartoon series for Blood Raining Night. ^^ The videos follow the story of the fan fiction (mostely) but introduce new characters and some changes. In the fanime will you find characters loosley based on characters from popular shows or taken right from the shows (like a fan fiction, hence fanime)

If your character/music track is inside my fanime and you want credit or to work something else out [email protected]!

Thank you guys very much for helping my dreams come true! Nya~ON!

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